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2nd TF-WebRTC meeting

2nd TF-WebRTC meeting (10)

The Task Force is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations among National Research and Education Networks and academic and research institutions on web - real time communication solutions, services, developments and deployments.

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Welcome to 2nd TF-WebRTC meeting

Mészáros Mihály
Szegedi Péter
8 éve - 7:30

Recent advances in multipoint video server

PhD. Alex Eleftheriadis 8 éve - 1:00:08

Rendez-vous updates

Franck Rupin 8 éve - 43:58

eduID(SAML) & WebRTC Identity

Mészáros Mihály 8 éve - 37:23

Jitsi trials at NORDUnet

Erik Kikkenborg 8 éve - 3:30

Connecting people: WebRTC and the Pexip

John-Mark Bell 8 éve - 47:59

The Kurento open source media server

Dr. Luis Lopez Fernandez 8 éve - 49:32

Supporting web-based collaboration with HEXAA

Héder Mihály
Dr. Tétényi István
8 éve - 23:37

Introduction to Cisco's solution

Dr. Cullen Jennings 8 éve - 50:32

Closing discussion...

Mészáros Mihály
Szegedi Péter
8 éve - 30:31