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Mathematical models to help understand

Claire Tomlin 12 years ago - 41:17

Formalisation (Proof-checking)

Laurent Théry 12 years ago - 38:07

Computer algebra

Joachim von zur Gathen 12 years ago - 37:21

Can we trust floating-point numbers?

Paul Zimmermann 12 years ago - 41:27

Main Issues of Computer Mathematics

Henk Barendregt 12 years ago - 46:45

Egy matematikai és geometriai tartalomra

János Katona
Gyula Nagy
12 years ago - 16:39

Konvex testek egyensúlyi morfológia-osztályainak

Prof. Gábor Domokos
Richárd Kápolnai
13 years ago - 11:29

Beyond the Symmetries of Things

Chaim Goodman-Strauss 13 years ago - 57:51

On the Isostructurality of Semirigid Molecules

Alajos Kálmán 13 years ago - 48:39

Molecules: Tiny Objects Linking Arts and Sciences

Dr. Gábor Náray-Szabó 13 years ago - 59:48

Water, Energy and Life: Fresh Views from the Water

Gerald Pollack 13 years ago - 1:01:19

Deviation from Identity of Macroscopic Properties

Meir Shinitzky
Yosef Scolnik
U. Cogan
D. Deamer
13 years ago - 1:01:51