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Software Technology Forum (10th)

Software Technology Forum (10th) (5)

Modell based software developement
The aim of the Software Technology Forum is to provide an insight into the most exciting results of the field led by the well-known software technology specialist László Bélády. Mainly such software technologies will be introduced at the Forum that have already been employed by leading computer companies, but that face challenges in their actual application. The main objective of the organizers is to provide information on the current situation and the expected progress of an area of software developments, and further to introduce some research and development topics in more detail.

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László Bélády 14 years ago - 2:59

Model Driven Architecture and Executable UML? The

Allan Kennedy 14 years ago - 57:19

Questions & Answers

Allan Kennedy 14 years ago - 16:53

Meta-modell alapú rendszerfejlesztés

Gábor Privitzky
Gábor Zsolt Nagy
14 years ago - 1:02:49

Kérdések és válaszok

Gábor Privitzky
Gábor Zsolt Nagy
14 years ago - 20:52