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Enabling Grids for E-SciencE 2007 conference

Welcome from the local organizers

Dr. Károly Molnár 13 years ago - 6:46

Opening of EGEE'07 Conference

Dr. István Hiller
Dr. Károly Manherz
13 years ago - 10:21


Dr. Norbert Kroó 13 years ago - 09:32

Grids for E-Science - Hungary's experience

Dr. Ilona Vass 13 years ago - 11:05


Prof. Emer Ákos Detrekői 13 years ago - 5:02

Unleashing the power of E-Science

Ulf Dahlsten 13 years ago - 23:34

Gold sponsor presentation

Péter Füzes 13 years ago - 16:19

Towards Multi-Petascale Grids as a Foundation of E

Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka 13 years ago - 53:53

EGEE overview

Bob Jones 13 years ago - 27:28

The EGEE infrastructure

Dr. Ian Bird 13 years ago - 50:00

A Grand Challenge for the Information Age

Dr. Francine Berman 13 years ago - 47:09